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Leaders -The Merchant Services Company, a registered ISO, this company offers customary tiered pricing, with discount rates (aka Tier prices) that are better than average. Leaders provides transparent billing – they break out each and every charge instead of lumping them together. This is good in the sense that you can be aware of everything you’re paying for.

Leaders is a dedicated full service merchant account provider. As a ‘do everything’ type ISO, Leaders provides plenty of features and services. They offer just about everything for everyone, but aren’t dedicated towards any specific type of business. So for most mainstream businesses, this credit card processor offers most everything you’ll need in terms of software integration, various transaction forms, etc. Leaders provides a 98% approval rate for their applicants, which can mean that this company might be a life-saver for businesses with credit issues. We give Leaders a big thumbs up for transparency in their pricing.

Reviewed by - Stephanie P


  • Good tiered rate
  • Decent processing fees
  • Lacks transparency and consistency in pricing

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